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Simplifying Digital Asset Delivery with a Unified Global Repository for Metro

Case Study
  • Retail & Consumer

Metro is a German global diversified retail and wholesale group based in Düsseldorf with stores spanning Europe, Asia, and Africa. As of 2010, Metro ranked as the fourth-largest retailer in the world based on revenue.

Facing challenges brought on by an inefficient, point-to-point digital asset management (DAM) system, Metro collaborated with EPAM to create a solution that would offer more flexibility and efficiency for content managers across the 26 countries in which Metro operates. Using its existing technology partnership with Metro and our proven ADAM expertise, EPAM helped Metro increase collaboration and DAM efficiency across all locations.

Key Challenges

  • Inefficient DAM system
  • Lack of ability to manage assets across 26 countries
  • Segmented regional business units

Solution Highlights

EPAM worked with Metro to develop centralized asset storage, management, and distribution to automatically serve correctly formatted, localized digital assets across multiple regions. The ADAM solution:

  • Stores 70K+ assets and is used in 10+ locations worldwide with a planned roll out to all 26 countries by the end of 2017
  • Stockpiles content from 10+ departments/ business units within Metro
  • Enables regional content managers to automatically sync assets featuring the appropriate language, packaging, and other specifications
  • Integrates with content distribution systems in each customer region using unified interfaces

The Results

EPAM’s ADAM DAM solution for Metro has resulted in increased operational efficiency and enhanced collaboration across the client’s entire global content management infrastructure. Now, instead of relying on localized digital agencies and segmented regional business units to manage assets independently, Metro benefits from a simplified ADAM-based master system where uploading an asset one time is all it takes to serve assets globally.

Technologies Used

  • ADAM
  • Adobe Omniture
  • Amazon Web Services

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