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Salesforce Service Agent AI Coach

EPAM’s Salesforce Service Agent AI Coach is a new AI-powered tool that analyzes all correspondence a customer service agent has with a customer. Through this analysis, Service Agent AI Coach can provide relevant feedback on how the case agent performs, identify areas for improvement and share overall customer sentiment throughout the case. It serves as a virtual coach, assisting agents in resolving customer issues more effectively and efficiently.

Industry Challenges


of cases are reviewed manually by customer support managers


is the average customer support turnover rate*


is the average cost to replace one customer support agent*

**Stats are from a NICE WEM Global Survey from surveys done across the US and UK

Key Features & Benefits

Intelligent Case Coaching
With Service Agent Coach, agents receive contextual guidance and feedback on their performance based on case and correspondence details.
Agent Performance Scoring
Salesforce Service Agent AI Coach provides case agents with a score on how well they performed in resolving a customer’s case. The score highlights areas that could be improved and areas where the agent performed well.
Customer Sentiment Analysis
Understanding customer sentiment is crucial for delivering personalized support. Service Agent Coach analyzes customer interactions to gauge sentiment and emotional cues.
Coaching Analytics & Performance Metrics
Salesforce Service Agent AI Coach provides data that can power analytics and performance metrics. With this data, managers can identify agent training needs and evaluate customer satisfaction levels to continuously improve customer service operations and agent performance.

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