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Automating DAM Software for eCommerce CMS

Automating DAM Software for eCommerce CMS

Fast Facts​

  • When managing digital assets, maintaining efficient and consistent workflows and taxonomies is key to keeping costs low and output high as disjointed yields between CMS and DAM software leads to lapses in efficiency and wasted time
  • The ADAM/SAP Hybris Digital Asset Accelerator is an efficient, omnichannel push-to-all-channels application extension which automates the connection, data exchange and operations between a DAM system and SAP Hybris solutions (Commerce, Marketing, Billing, Cloud for Sales, Service)

Download the brochure to learn more about EPAM ADAM/SAP Hybris Digital Asset Accelerator and how it can help you redefine the way you integrate your digital assets into your e-commerce platform.

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Benefit & Value

By streamlining the process of transferring up-to-date digital marketing assets for products, the ADAM/SAP Hybris Digital Asset Accelerator ensures product and marketing assets are synced across all channels, reduces time to market and leads to more conversions through an improved user experience.

How It Works

Dynamically synchronized workflows and taxonomies (product taxonomy and marketing taxonomy), and on-schedule sync of product asset metadata across DAM and SAP Hybris eComm channels:

  • Reduces operations and digital asset mapping cycles to maximize marketing efficiency
  • Allows single marketing campaign management with personalization and localization distributed among different marketing channels
  • Enables multi-disciplinary marketing teams to plan ahead by aligning asset deliverables with production taxonomy and individual classification
  • Manages product appearance and life cycle control with SAP Hybris on the Storefront