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The Future of Banking

Building the Bank of Tomorrow

By automating the entire customer journey and implementing true channel ubiquity, we can help you through every step of your digital transformation roadmap. 

API-Powered Business Models

By implementing API technologies and open banking, we challenge industry structures in new and innovative ways.

Smart, Seamless Payments

We build digital payments systems that easily integrate with your customers’ everyday lives.

Next-Gen Banking Experiences

Our team aggregates services into new, easy and compelling experiences by levering and improving on new, cutting-edge platforms.

Identity Authentication and Personal Data

Using strong identity authentication and leveraging personal data, we make it easy to navigate the complexities of regulation and compliance.  

Personal AI-Assisted Banking

We develop AI-powered assistants that alert your customers about important account activity and connect them to the appropriate channels.


Conversational AI: Revolutionizing Banking as We Know It

Conversational AI technologies are becoming a key part of customer engagement in the banking industry. These technologies include chatbots, virtual agents, voice assistants and conversational UI.


Conversational AI in Banking: 7 Lessons Learned from the Field

Conversational AI is revolutionizing banking as we know it. This white paper helps customer-focused leaders navigate the latest developments and biggest challenges faced by banks today.


Challenger Banks and Tailored Banking Experiences

Digital tailored banking experiences are the future of the banking industry, especially for challenger banks. Conversational AI is changing the customer experience with personalized experiences.


A Closer Look at the Evolution of Challenger Banks in Europe

Instant payments and access to the U.K. Faster Payments Service (FPS) was a catalyst for challenger banks. Challengers are now expanding in Europe and improving open access across financial markets.


Consumer Banking Landscape 2020: Only Radical Disruption Will Bring Radical Change

Watch this webinar to hear our panel of industry experts hailing from a variety of renowned institutions—including Allied Irish Banks (AIB), Monese, Thought Machine and EPAM—discuss  key findings from EPAM Continuum’s 2020 Consumer Banking Report, as well as provide insight on how the industry can better serve customers. 


EPAM Continuum 2020 Consumer Banking Report

EPAM’s latest Consumer Banking research uncovered five audience segments based on key behavior patterns and summarizes the motivations, attitudes, needs and expectations for each segment. These research insights will help the banking industry better understand the evolving needs of their customers and how to better serve them.


Designing Next-Generation Banking Experiences

The landscape for finance has undeniably transformed, and with it, so have customer expectations. Banks must be ready to provide a digital-first customer experience to maintain their competitive edge. Watch this webinar to learn how to prepare for this transformation and leverage the opportunities it presents.  

In the News

How to Design Next-Generation Banking Experiences

Tom Moran, EPAM Continuum, is currently at the forefront of some of the biggest shifts in customer experience within the financial sector.


The Future of Banking

Discover how EPAM can tackle today’s banking challenges and adapt to evolving customer needs, to deliver a truly ubiquitous and omnichannel journey, helping to shape the bank of the future.


Creating Human Banking Experiences

The need for neobanks in today’s market arises from consumers’ growing expectations for stronger, more seamless digital journeys. Watch this webinar to learn about the future of banking services, opportunities for disruptors and the rise of modular banking services.


Request to Pay: Another Asset in the Neobanking Arsenal?

Learn how neobanks can implement Request to Pay to benefit customers, cement relationships with clients and improve users’ debt management.


Where Will the Future of Neobanking Take Us?

Those looking to enter the neobanking space face many challenges, here’s what you need to keep in mind when entering this revolutionary space.


Ensuring Successful Open Banking & Instant Payments Initiatives

Learn how open banking and instant payments initiatives can drive innovation and increase revenue.


EPAM Pling

Learn more about our voice-activated, API-driven solution for third-party providers that enables customers to do their banking conversationally.


Virtual Banks in Asia

Read how Asia is leading the wave of innovation and challenging incumbent banks that have been slow to virtualize their offerings.


The Future of Conversation

With the chatbot revolution already underway, it’s time to build advanced chatbot services into your digital sales strategy. 


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