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Unlocking the Metaverse: EPAM Continuum X Women of Web3

Today, global brands are creating their Web3 and metaverse strategies, exploring opportunities and even going to market with innovative products and services. However, these concepts are quickly coming to reality and can feel inaccessible for many.

Aiming to untangle these complexities, top industry experts — including leaders from EPAM Continuum and Women of Web3 — came together to discuss all things Web3 and the tech of tomorrow, tackling core topics that include:

  • Key definitions of Web3 and the Metaverse
  • Brand opportunities for businesses
  • DAOs and their role in businesses of the future
  • Diversity and inclusion in Web3
  • Practical tips for getting started with Web3 strategy 
  • Staying safe in the next iteration of the internet

Watch both the panel discussion and an exclusive keynote session from industry expert, Camilla McFarland, VP of Operations, Mojito, to discover actionable insights that can help you and your business get started in Web3 and the Metaverse now.

"Brands need to start exploring. It’s like saying, “Am I going to go into the cloud?” 10 years ago. Yes, you will go into the cloud eventually, so the sooner you start preparing yourself to have everything in the cloud, the sooner you understand what is going to be there. For me, Web3 is a matter of time. You will be there eventually."

Cristina Garces
CEO, Optiva Media, an EPAM Company

"Awareness is very different than understanding, is very different than actual usage — very few take time to play with the concepts and the ideas and see what the potential is past that, and even fewer are incentivized to go and start."

Camilla McFarland
VP of Operations, Mojito

"It feels like in the tech world, women are still a minority, especially when you look at leadership, and so there is a risk that we could end up making the same mistakes again when building this brand new or updated version of the internet."

Lauren Ingram
Founder, Women of Web3

Watch the videos

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