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Into the Metaverse

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Big tech luminaries are preaching the coming of the next internet. Tomorrow’s cyberspace will be empyreal, transcendent, immersive, 3D, and all folded together – the disparate sites and services we live and breathe gathered under one interconnected network. It will be a super platform that convenes sub-platforms: social media, online video games and ease-of-life apps, all accessible through the same digital space and sharing the same digital economy. 

The metaverse is the next evolution of social connection, defined by real-time persistency, economies, communities, digital avatars and accessibility across multiple devices. Below we’ll unpack what the metaverse is, how it’s evolving and the key technology building blocks that are forming the foundation of the future today.

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Into the Future: Can Telcos Monetize the Metaverse?

A new TM Forum report sponsored by EPAM explains what the metaverse is, its potential impact on telecoms networks and how communication service providers (CSPs) can prosper. 

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What Should Retail Look Like in the Metaverse

Erica Moreti of EPAM explains in Total Retail how the metaverse is a new opportunity for brands to invest in creators and focus on communities.

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What Will the Metaverse Be Used For?

Industry professionals share what the metaverse could potentially be used for in this TechRound article featuring Erica Moreti of EPAM Continuum. 


Designing a Responsible Metaverse with Dr. Alexandra Diening & Jonathan Lupo

If you’re going to build a metaverse, it’s incumbent that you to do so responsibly. What might this mean? Our experts explain.

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How Retail Brands Can Actually Be Successful in the Metaverse

Learn how brands can experiment in the metaverse with new integrations and games, paired with a consistent business and experience strategy.


The Past, Present & Future of the Metaverse

To understand what the future holds for the metaverse, we first need to examine the past that got us here today, as well as the present metaverse – which is really a grab bag of hardware, software and unrelated experiences.


What is the Metaverse & What is it Not?

Talk of the metaverse is everywhere, but what are the main characteristics and tech stack that define it?


The Building Blocks of the Metaverse

The metaverse can be best understood as the next generation of the internet. But what does the ‘flow’ look like when we break it down from a user and developer perspective?