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What Will the Metaverse Be Used For?

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TechRound – by Josephine Melvin

What Will the Metaverse Be Used For?

As the metaverse begins to emerge from Sci-Fi novels into reality, the question on many peoples’ mind is – what exactly will it be used for?

As part of Metaverse May, we’ve collected opinions and predictions from industry professionals on what the metaverse could potentially be used for as technology around it continues to develop.

“The metaverse is shifting behaviors across multiple realities. In the future, we can imagine the establishment of a multiverse: decentralized and seamless interconnected realities that will enable you to move freely (and screen less) across universes—augmenting things, places, people,” said Erica Moreti, Head of Strategy & Innovation and Physical Experience at EPAM Continuum.

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