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FinTech Alliance announces EPAM Systems as Principal Partner

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FinTech Alliance

FinTech Alliance announces EPAM Systems as Principal Partner

FinTech Alliance, the Government-backed digital ecosystem for UK FinTech, is proud to announce EPAM Systems, Inc., a leading digital transformation services and product engineering company, as a Principal Partner.

EPAM has been part of the FinTech Alliance community since its beginning in 2019 and will now become Principal Partner to help drive the 250+ strong community forward as it continues to grow across the UK.

Over the past three years, EPAM has been heavily involved in FinTech Alliance’s activities – sharing knowledge and joining discussions on topics including the future of AI in FinTech, disrupting the insurance sector, NFTs in wealth management, product design and more. EPAM has also shared its cutting-edge research with the FinTech Alliance community.

Building on this, EPAM is now a Principal Partner alongside Dun & Bradstreet, Endava, PwC, Vocalink and White & Case. Principal Partners have been vital in launching the FinTech Alliance community and play a key role in boosting FinTech’s contribution to UK GDP. All Principal Partners contribute in different ways to scaling businesses and bringing new, innovative solutions to market.

With the community focused on helping FinTech companies grow through access to market, capital and talent, EPAM brings specialist knowledge and expertise in software engineering which is applied to financial services partners of all shapes and sizes from Stripe to ImageNPay.

As a global business, EPAM brings together 61,600 experts across 45+ countries and has a keen focus on partnerships and developing solutions.

Olivia Minnock, Editor at FinTech Alliance, commented: “Working with EPAM Systems has been hugely beneficial to the FinTech Alliance community and wider ecosystem, thanks to its subject matter experts who have offered insights and guidance in areas like conversational AI, InsurTech and more. In particular, our up-and-coming FinTechs can learn from EPAM’s wide industry experience and technical knowledge in financial services. I am looking forward to collaborating more closely with EPAM to help strategically drive these conversations and provide further learning opportunities.”

Balazs Fejes, President of EU and APAC Markets at EPAM, said: “EPAM joined the FinTech Alliance with the objective of creating a community that would benefit all. We are delighted to increase our commitment and engagement to become a principal partner. We have seen the FinTech Alliance team foster knowledge sharing, fresh ideas, collaboration, and investment in start-ups, and we applaud the progress and programs that help the FinTech sector grow, flourish, and deliver value to business and consumers. We are committed to furthering our contributions and engagement and are pleased to be working with such a great team.”

Panos Archondakis, VP, Global Head, Banking and Wealth Management at EPAM, said: “FinTech Alliance serves a great purpose through its community by enabling financial institutions to leverage technology to become more effective and deliver new services that benefit consumers. By helping firms raise investment, increase knowledge share, and further reach clients and partners, the Fintech Alliance provides a highly valuable service to the community.”

John Burton, Director, Marketing at EPAM, said: “We are delighted to work closely with the FinTech Alliance team and further our relationship as a principal partner. FinTech Alliance serves a valuable role in the centre of stakeholders including financial institutions, services firms, software firms and entrepreneurs. This community has grown and developed into a vital artery for the UK digital and global economy. It shines a light on experts and expertise, fosters innovation, fuels investment and supports knowledge sharing. The wider financial services sector and consumers are much better served as a result.”

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