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AiThority: New Consumer Banking Report Offers Insights Into Rapidly Evolving Customer Behaviors Since The Pandemic

AiThority – by AIT News Desk

Knowing what a customer wants—and what they need—is difficult in the best of times. With the current landscape changing at a record pace and expanding in so many different directions, it’s an almost impossible task. EPAM Continuum, the integrated business, technology, and experience consulting practice of EPAM Systems, Inc., announced the release of its Consumer Banking Report 2021, that allows financial services providers to see how customers’ evolving attitudes and expectations are reshaping the industry, changing how banks compete and win in an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace.

Surveying 21,000 people across key banking regions—including the U.K., U.S., Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Hong Kong and Singapore—the report builds on the inaugural Consumer Banking Report 2020 to explore how consumer attitudes towards banking have changed since the pandemic. Key findings highlight the increasingly diversified and fragmented banking landscape, the financial needs of younger consumers, the complex relationship between digital and “real-world” banking, and the hype surrounding crypto investing.

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