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EPAMers Deliver Impactful Presentations During the Linux Foundation’s Open Source Strategy Forum 2021

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EPAMers Deliver Impactful Presentations During the Linux Foundation’s Open Source Strategy Forum 2021

As part of The Linux Foundation’s Open Source Strategy Forum (OSSF) 2021, EPAMers Stuart Farr and Chris Howard delivered impactful presentations regarding open source engagement in organizations and EPAM’s TimeBase database contribution to the open source community.

The OSSF is the first conference dedicated to driving collaboration and innovation in financial services through open-source software and standards.

With more than 3,000 contributors and 140,000 commits in the public domain, EPAM is a strong proponent of open source. We support the free software philosophy and view the open source approach as a powerful development methodology, inviting collaboration with like-minded developers around the world. 

In this presentation, Chris shares insights into practices and techniques that the industry is using to further its Open Source consumption and contributions. Chris provides real world examples that cover areas such as ensuring good governance and compliance with legal and licensing issues, implementing and maintaining positive Open Source engineering approaches, championing community engagement, nurturing internal community and recognizing contributors as well as the power of engaging with industry consortia and foundations to help learn from others.

In this presentation, Stuart discusses the reasoning behind EPAM’s submission of the TimeBase event-oriented time-series database and middleware into the open-source community and how the ongoing move to the cloud from traditional data centres requires a re-think of technical architectures. In particular, Stuart presents challenges and opportunities of building analytical applications within the constraints and advantages of hosting time-series data in the cloud.

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