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Why the Cloud Changes Everything

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Why the Cloud Changes Everything

In the days before the cloud, capabilities were extremely limited because supply and demand chains only had traditional IT systems, interfaces and infrastructures at their disposal. Once cloud computing came on the scene, the industry got redefined. Yet, it's important to note that the cloud is not merely an evolution of traditional IT; it's not simply a better, faster, cheaper data center in the sky, nor is it the same as the old IT, but squared or cubed. The cloud is a quantum leap. With the cloud, the industry can approach challenges from different angles. Foundationally, the cloud has enabled totally new capabilities that were not possible before.

Two significant benefits the cloud provides to the supply and demand industry are data and automation. In the past, data was an endless ocean of information, which concealed insights, but gleaning relevant data was difficult. Now, through cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, sensors, GPS devices, RFID and anything else producing information can all be compiled into one place. Then, through artificial intelligence (AI) data mining, machine learning and deep learning, companies can leverage the cloud to extract value more quickly and easily.

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