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SigmaLedger’s CuBE, a Universal Solution for Coupons and Rewards, Adopted by Procter & Gamble and Walgreens

Business Wire 

SigmaLedger, a leading SaaS provider of blockchain-based innovative traceability solutions, announced today that CuBE (Coupon Business Exchange), their solution to address coupon fraud, has been adopted by P&G (Procter & Gamble) and Walgreens.

Coupon fraud costs the retail industry over $100 million each year.1 In addition, retailers must face other consequences such as delayed checkouts, cashier/shopper friction and a lengthy and labor-intensive coupon clearing process. CuBE eliminates coupon fraud, accelerates coupon clearance, and reduces overall processing costs. It is a proactive solution, rejecting fraud at POS (point of sale) in real-time at the first occurrence.

“We are proud to fund SigmaLedger, via our start-up ecosystem ventures program, and help drive innovation and technology transformations for enterprise CPG/Retail organizations,” said Elaina Shekhter, Chief Strategy Officer of EPAM Systems. “SigmaLedger’s blockchain-based CuBE solution transforms the retail coupon technology landscape by accelerating clearances, improving traceability and vastly reducing fraud.”

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