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The Data Boom: The Opportunities and Challenges Businesses Face As Data Becomes More Prevalent

It Business Net – by Devesh Ginodia

In 2021, about half of the global population (4.6 billion) was using the internet, think Facebook, Instagram and Netflix, and about 46 billion IoT devices, think the Apple Watch, generated around 60 zettabytes of data. International Data Corporations (IDC) estimates that the data generated annually will surpass 175 zettabytes by 2025.

Wait…what? What’s a zettabyte? Well, it’s not a sorority. A zettabyte is a storage capacity measurement, and if you were to store all 60 plus zettabytes of data on blue ray disks, you’d have enough to lay a path from planet earth to the moon about 23 times.

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