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The Transformation of Data-Driven Healthcare

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Healthcare Business Today – by Robert Jordan

The Transformation of Data-Driven Healthcare

Today, healthcare sectors are undergoing a tremendous transformation as they move towards a more data-driven path. As this revolution unfolds, there is an extensive amount of potential to be seen in data-driven healthcare. Meaning, it can streamline data while also improving systems for institutions, practitioners, and patients. 

As an emerging platform, eHealth & digital health continues to be defined in varying terms. WHO (World Health Organization) terms eHealth as “the utilization of information & communication tech for health.” Digital health on another note is characterized in a broader sense as an umbrella term that covers areas like telehealth, eHealth, and more. 

Regardless of its definition, the bigger player in question here is Data – the leading component that triggers the healthcare industry to move ahead. Big data analysis accumulates information and allows for the identification of trends & patterns.

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