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Breaking the Mold: Using DevOps to Take Your MarTech Stack to the Next Level

Martech Cube by Elaina Shekhter

This Women's Day, let's pass the mic to the women in marketing, Elaina Shekhter from EPAM showcases how marketers can take their Martech Stack to the next level.

As the modern digital marketing landscape has evolved to move well beyond the walls of websites and social media platforms, modern technology has simultaneously risen to meet those challenges – and that dynamic has molded and evolved to become what we commonly refer to as MarTech.

Overwhelmingly, 96% of CMOs believe that MarTech is absolutely necessary for achieving future goals. According to Marketing Charts, the global landscape for marketing technology has increased 22 percent year-on-year, confirming that automation is a fundamental tool for business transactions. Much in the same way that effective digital marketing should involve crafting the right messages at the right time. It is increasingly important to ensure those messages reach the right people on the right platforms.

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