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EPAM Presents During the Linux Foundation’s Open Source Summit Europe 2022

The Linux Foundation

At The Linux Foundation’s Open Source Summit Europe 2022, EPAMers Chris Howard, Anastasia Usacheva and Thomas Steenbergen provided thought-provoking presentations regarding open source engagement in organizations.

Open Source Summit Europe 2022 brings together open source developers, technologists and community leaders for four days of collaboration, information sharing, problem solving and the furthering of open source innovation in Dublin, Ireland. Open source code and community contributors lend their expertise to ensure a sustainable open source ecosystem continues to thrive.

In this presentation, Chris and Anastasiia share insights into the engagement of open source communities. They describe the business case for metrics specific to open source program office professionals [OSPOs] and the value that introducing such measures can provide to organizations. They also take a deep-dive into a series of scenarios such as contributor growth, language adoption and ensuring long term contribution will be explored with approaches to monitor data points. 

In this presentation, Thomas shares how a mind map is structured and how open source program office professionals can make use of the OSPO Mind Map to help implement an OSPO strategy, structure their activities and better communicate the OSPO initiative within their organization. 

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