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EPAM’s Chris Howard on the Importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Modern Day Organizations

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EPAM’s Chris Howard on the Importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Modern Day Organizations

Technology companies make decisions every day that shape our lives and the lives of future generations, so it's important that they reflect the communities they serve and make sure diverse voices are included in their decisions. 

Chris Howard, Open Source Lead at EPAM, recently joined a panel of industry voices at the AltitudeX AI Summit in Manchester, UK, to discuss ‘diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in tech’ with an audience of more than a thousand data professionals, engineers and decision makers in the artificial intelligence industry.

“I think we're seeing positive change with far more people from recognizable minorities getting some really exciting, innovative tech jobs that perhaps five, ten, or 15 years ago we just weren't seeing in organizations,” Chris said.

The panel approached this DEI conversation through the lens of tech companies being the decision makers of tomorrow, and how simple and complex choices made by tech companies can shape our present and future. Panelists also discussed how it's now increasingly important that tech companies hire diverse employees who reflect the various communities where they operate, ensuring that different voices are heard and included in their business decision making. 

From positive changes seen in recent years around DEI to the tangible steps that can be taken to build alliances that can shift power dynamics in the workplace, the event provided those in attendance with an opportunity to take DEI best practices back to their own organizations to help contribute towards building a better, more inclusive and diverse tech industry.

Watch the DEI panel of experts discuss the challenges and opportunities for technology companies on their journey to creating a truly diverse and inclusive workplace.

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