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How to Create a CX Strategy That Transforms Customer Experiences

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Contentful – by Brian Gilmore

How to Create a CX Strategy That Transforms Customer Experiences

Creating a customer experience (CX) strategy that truly meets the needs of your customers is paramount to differentiating yourself from your competitors and maintaining customer loyalty. Brian Gilmore, Head of Growth of EPAM’s MACH practice, shares his insights on building a successful CX strategy and the technology and teams that support it.

Complex customer journeys require a more sophisticated customer experience strategy

Customer journeys are evolving, and your CX strategy needs to evolve with them. Currently, customers expect seamless experiences across an ever-expanding set of channels and access to products, services, and account information 24/7. Customers also demand interactions tailored to their individual needs and preferences. Delivering these personalized, omnichannel customer experiences requires a more sophisticated CX strategy.

Five to 10 years ago, we could map a linear customer journey and build a CX strategy around it, but the proliferation of customer touchpoints and devices has made customer journey mapping more complex. CX strategies now must take into account the multiple journeys and touchpoints that work together to create successful customer experiences.

In addition, CX strategies today have to focus on understanding the fundamental customer needs: convenience, education, exploration, etc. Those needs change across the customer’s lifecycle and even within individual journeys. Providing customer satisfaction depends on recognizing customer needs as quickly as possible and presenting them with the most relevant content, value exchange, or call to action.

But while companies recognize the need to create personalized, omnichannel experiences, being able to successfully deliver them is a struggle for a variety of reasons.

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