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“There is Great Potential in Colombia to Generate IT Talent” - An Interview with Arkadiy Dobkin

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“There is Great Potential in Colombia to Generate IT Talent” - An Interview with Arkadiy Dobkin

EPAM, focused on software engineering, has opened two offices in Colombia, confirming its commitment to the country and local talent. In a dialogue with Arkadiy Dobkin, Chairman of the Board, CEO & President of the company, the executive referred to the potential of the country and the challenges that exist globally in the IT sector.

What is the focus of EPAM and how has the company behaved in recent years?

EPAM is a global software engineering company, which also integrates strategic business consulting and innovation, founded 30 years ago in the United States, but some of the talent is located in Eastern Europe. In recent years we have focused on continuing to grow. Indeed, we have a very important global presence and we provide our services to different types of clients. Likewise, with all the experience we have acquired, we have also managed to globalize our talent. Even if the last two years have been full of great challenges, we continue to work hard and bet on the Latin American market, which is strategic for us, especially those from Mexico and Colombia with great talent.

What services do you offer to your customers?

We have several services. One of them is focused on developing software for any type of business, here we help build their products and platforms. This line represents between 15% and 20% of our business. Likewise, we have other products focused on different markets such as financial, hospitality, and retail, among others. We also have other services such as data and analytics, cyber security, strategy and artificial intelligence.

How many customers do you have in the region and how do you see the Colombian market?

Some of our customers are located in USA, Canada, Eastern Europe and Asian market. In the case of Latin America, customers are growing, but it’s still a fairly small market compared to other countries. But, on the other hand, we believe there is great potential to develop talent in new technologies.

What sectors have you worked with?

We work with banks, the retail sector, games, among others.

How do you see the Colombian talent?

We arrived in Colombia a few years ago and saw a great opportunity. We have great professionals and young people who want to learn and grow in this industry. Part of our goal is to provide opportunities for the new generation and we know it is a great time to generate good conditions and we will be willing to help.

We are sure that as talent develops, more companies will seek out to Colombia, making it a competitive destination. Undoubtedly, betting on the development of this type of industry (IT) could contribute to the national economy.

What is the main challenge facing the country regarding talent?

I think having trained talent is a global challenge, and all companies know that there is a marked need. But I think all countries need to understand that to be competitive they need to create the best working conditions for specific sectors that are gaining great importance. Although Colombia has great potential, it still has a long way to go and all tools must be used to continue growing.

Do you think both the private and public sectors should work hand in hand to consolidate this goal?

I think it should be everyone’s job. Likewise, I believe that better conditions should be created for companies in the IT sector. I am sure that the private sector can contribute a lot to the whole process and above all create the best development opportunities for young people. It is important to underline that the academy must also carry out work consistent with the talent that companies need today.

You recently opened your offices in the country, how much was the investment?

Epam recently opened two offices in Colombia, one in Bogotá and another in Medellín. This investment is a sign of the interest the company has in this country.

This is how our collaborators will be able to count on first-rate physical spaces, equipped with the best technological resources. We know that Bogotá and Medellín have great professional talent, but we also know that we can reach more talent thanks to virtuality.

What is the projection that the company has in the country?

Our commitment is to continue investing in Colombia, we believe in the potential that exists in this country and the idea is to invest heavily in the training of young people, education is very important to us.

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