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PACT Phorum 2021: The Enterprise Data Journey

13-22 Apr 2021
Digital Event


VP, Digital Enterprise Solutions

This Year’s PACT Phorum will bring together some of the world’s top technologists and business leaders for an episodic virtual event spread across four days in April: 13th, 15th, 20th & 22nd. With a focus on the Enterprise Data Journey, the conference will feature networking opportunities, an invitation-only CIO roundtable and four 1-hour episodes—available to watch live or on-demand—that will each explore a different component of the enterprise data landscape and provide insights for navigating today’s increasingly connected world.

As a Platinum sponsor to the conference, EPAM will welcome attendees to PACT Phorum 2021 with an introduction by Andrew Fegley, VP, Digital Enterprise Solutions. Connect with us during the event to discuss how EPAM can accelerate your Enterprise Data Journey by providing solutions to your biggest data challenges. 

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