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AWS for Games – Helping Developers Create New Gaming Experiences With Purpose-Built Services, Solutions, and Partners

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Amazon Game Tech Team

AWS for Games – Helping Developers Create New Gaming Experiences With Purpose-Built Services, Solutions, and Partners

Game developers are embracing industry-wide transformation and pushing the boundaries of gaming experiences. Developers would rather be building fun, innovative games that delight players, versus spending time and effort handling infrastructure. They need servers that can scale with tens of millions of players anywhere in the world at the lowest possible cost. Also, they need to optimize player lifetime value (LTV) with databases that can process terabytes to petabytes of ever-changing data, analytics solutions that can access that data with millisecond latency, and machine learning that can translate insights into new, immersive gameplay. Developers need purpose-built services and solutions to navigate cloud migration workloads from on-premises and onboard talent quickly and efficiently from anywhere in the world, leveraging the trend for remote and distributed game development to get to market faster.

To help customers through this transformation, we are introducing AWS for Games, which aligns purpose-built game development capabilities—including AWS services, AWS solutions, and AWS Partners—against six solution areas to help developers build, run, and grow their games: Cloud Game Development, Game Servers, Game Security, Live Operations, Game Analytics, and Game AI & ML. AWS for Games solutions simplify how game customers use AWS, making it easier to select the right tools for their desired use cases and reduce the amount of resourcing and investment required to adopt the cloud and achieve faster time to value.

“We are excited to be part of the AWS for Games initiative to further revolutionize how players and developers create, publish and consume gaming experiences. At EPAM, we believe in the power of open platforms. Partnering with AWS, we have helped many of the world’s leading gaming companies transform their cloud infrastructures, deliver exceptional seamless user experiences, and develop social services on a scale of 500M+ players.” – Vitalii Vashchuk, Co-Head of Gaming, EPAM Systems, Inc.

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