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The Channel Angle: A Holistic Approach To User Enablement

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CRN – by Keth Crotty

The Channel Angle: A Holistic Approach To User Enablement

With any new piece of technology, there is always an adoption process as people must grow accustomed to it before they assimilate the device or gadget into their lives. This form of adoption applies to complex B2B products as well – however, the emphasis is on end-user continuing productivity and engagement. To ensure that customers and partners get lifetime value from products, vendors must invest in user enablement, which is the continuous process of providing users with knowledge, resources and support.

Although user enablement can be time and effort intensive, forgoing this strategy could result in process inefficiency and, ultimately, users failing to adopt the product and abandoning it. Whereas companies are becoming more dependent on implementing new technology, vendors must position themselves as valuable and longstanding partners through continuous user enablement.

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