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What Really Matters to the Ad Industry in 2022? The Drum Predicts Podcast Asks the Experts

The DRUM – by Chris Sutcliffe

This must-listen podcast series sees experts make sense of the market’s volatility. From the pandemic to the new tech threatening to throw business models into yet another tailspin, what are the big questions being pondered by clients this year? What does the rapidly evolving agency culture mean for our old ways of working? Are our industry’s practitioners really being challenged to take sustainability and representation seriously?

Agencies of the future
Guests: Kristi Vandenbosch, US president, Oliver; Kunal Muzumdar, managing director, Analogfolk; Tarek Nseir, European vice-president and head of digital engagement practice, EPAM; and Faye Daffarn, managing director, TUG

Agencies are the vanguard of the marketing industry. They are the ones responsible for introducing new technologies and creative ideas, in addition to advising on new ways of working and business models that go on to shape the working world. The most successful are also – by nature and necessity – nimble, changing quickly in response to changes in the landscape.

This session sees a raft of experts discussing what the agency of the future looks like, whether that’s distributed, employee-owned or more deeply integrated with clients.

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