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Nascent Technologies and a Quantum Future: 3 Take-Aways from the 2022 Web Summit

The Drum – by Erica Moreti and Mario Crippa

Is AI going mainstream? Should brands adopt a 'shock absorber' before entering the metaverse with full speed? Erica Moreti and Mario Crippa (director of innovation consulting) of EPAM Continuum investigate.

The widely anticipated Web Summit 2022 has been and gone. Tech enthusiasts, speakers, global media, investors and business entrepreneurs alike came from all over the world to witness what happens at an event billed as "redefining the global tech industry".

This year’s event saw more than 71,000 attendees from 160 countries (including 1,050 speakers) flock to Lisbon’s Altice Arena for talks, debates, networking sessions, masterclasses, and tech demos.

As with every year, our team attended Web Summit to track the technology trends discussed at the summit, and how these trends are evolving across the world. Here are three hot topics we observed at the 2022 conference.

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