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Remote Work Continues to be Embraced by Tech Companies

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Built In – by Erik Fassnacht

Remote Work Continues to be Embraced by Tech Companies

Remote work matters. It’s also changing. At EPAM Systems, SVP and Chief People Officer Larry Solomon has his finger on the pulse of remote work’s evolution, as well as the technologies and systems that are helping employers achieve new levels of digital collaboration, efficiency and security.

Solomon is responsible for overseeing all aspects of talent management, talent acquisition, workforce planning and management, as well as other human resource-related functions within EPAM globally. Prior to joining EPAM, he held a number of leadership positions at Accenture and was also the global COO of human resources for nearly three years, with overall responsibility for human resources operations.

Built In is thrilled to have Solomon lend his expertise and contribute to this Insider Spotlight about EPAM Systems, remote work and EPAM’s Remote By Design™ approach.

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